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Egg Crate / Louvres

The SLP range of specular parabolic louvres provide the optimum choice of lighting and ceiling panels to meet the exacting demands of the modern day computerized office. The increasing use of visual display units demands that the required levels of illumination must be achieved with the lowest possible surface brightness. SLP Series louvres are made in the USA.

Each SLP Series louvre is a meticulously designed cellular system of highly reflecting surfaces coupled with a with a high percentage of open louvre area. As a result, high lumen efficiency and maximum illumination control is obtained by concentrating light within the 0-45/60 degree viewing zones whilst limiting the brightness in the higher viewing angles.


ec 1
This open cell louvre incorporates a unique wedge-shaped detail on the upper part of the parabolic cell wall designed to give a symmetrical light flow concentrating light in the 0 to 45 degree viewing zone with the ultimate in brightness control.  
Light opening Area 57%
Cell Size 20x20x18mm
Stock Panel Size 1260x620mm
Colours Silver
ec 2
Where economy or low height is a major consideration, this louvre fulfils both requirements. Suitable for all general installations.  
Light opening Area 57%
Cell Size 16x16x11mm
Stock Panel Size 1208x602mm
Colours Silver
ec 3
The perfectly square cell pattern with pristine opal finish combine to provide panels equally suitable for use as diffusers in luminaries and as perfect contrast to patterned tiles in suspended ceilings. Destaticised for reduced maintenance the panels also incorporate a unique stepped-end detail for invisible butt joining in continuous run applications. An economical and efficient light control system, the light transmitted in the direct glare zone is reduced by the diffusion of the translucent cell walls whilst useful light directed to the viewing zone passes uninterrupted through the open louvre cells without any reduction of intensity.  
Material Polystyrene
Cell Size 16x16x8mm
Stock Panel Size 1213x603mm
Colours Opal, Black



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